David Rosales

David Rosales / Inlaid Silver

David Rosales is an exceptionally talented Navajo designer/silversmith who as a young man apprenticed under well-known silversmith Ray Tracey. Beginning in 1997, he formed his own company with co-owner, John P. Delgado in Northwest New Mexico. Combined, David and John have more than 40 years of experience in the southwest jewelry market. Using several types of turquoise, sugilite, lapis and other semi-precious stones, David inlays varied patterns into his elegant sterling silver designs. He continuously strives to create some of the finest works of contemporary hand crafted Native American jewelry.


Ed Levin/sterling, gold and garnets necklace & earrings

Ed Levin began creating innovative and distinctly original jewelry in 1950. He started designing jewelry while living in Buenos Aires and working with a master Florentine jeweler. They alloyed their metal from gold coins, drilled with needles in a bow-drill, and soldered with a blowpipe. He brought what he learned back to the United States and founded Ed Levin jewelry. - He has passed his artistic vision and skills on to the next generation of master craftsmen who carry on his legacy at Ed Levin jewelry. Our jewelry is still handcrafted using age old techniques and only the finest materials - inspiring the wearer with its alluring and inventive design.

Jill O'reilly/sterling bracelet with stones

"Making jewelry is a dream career for me. It satisfies my need to be creative, uses my mathematics background, and gives me flexible hours so I can raise my two children. I personally hand fabricate each piece of jewelry from sterling sheet and wire using centuries old techniques. When appropriate, I accent pieces with 14K gold, gold filled wire or semi-precious stones. After filing, soldering, stamping, bending, and sanding each piece to my satisfaction, I stamp the piece with my hallmark and send it to a professional polisher for hand buffing. The last step is to set any stones by hand and perform a final inspection. I enjoy every part of the process from designing to actual production. Every day brings new challenges as hand worked metal never responds the same way twice."

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Jeff Gray/ sterling silver bracelet

As a native Vermonter, I grew up in the foothills of the Green Mountains. The soft rolling hills and colonial Greek Revival houses of New England are reflected in the combination of curves and classic lines in my work.
For all artists who do three dimensional work, shape, structure and balance are the basic forms from which we build. And then we stretch and test out own creative boundaries. Having been a jeweler for thirty years, designing my own line for the last twenty-five of those years, I constantly strive to develop a clean, elegant and affordable collection.


Ann Krupp/gold, pearl and stone necklaces

Originally beginning as a painter, Ann is a self-taught goldsmith and has been designing and making jewelry for the past 30 years. Living in a lovely landscape in the Hudson River valley of the New York Catskills is a major influence on Ann's work. Her current jewelry uses various karats and shades of gold, stones of beautiful colors and shapes, and fresh water pearls. Most often a piece will incorporate two or three stones chosen to compliment one another. The cast gold surfaces are machine polished only in specific areas to define a shape or clarify an edge. Most of the surface is sand blasted, then wire brushed and finally hand polished until the gold glows.

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