Anita Conklin

Anita Conklin / Lattice Bowl

Much of my work is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me - the iridescent gracefulness of the dragonfly as it flitters around during the summer months, New England's falling leaves bursting with color and brilliant jewel tones of the peacock that remind me of shimmering Hawaiian shores. For these reasons, I enjoy working with copper and mica as well as the many iridescent and dichroic coated glasses which I incorporate into my fused and kiln formed functional glass pieces.
Christina Boisse

Christina Boisse / "Friends"

Some people have said that my talent for embracing colors and textures is what brings my stained glass art to life. Being very particular about what glass will go into a piece will often lead to my visiting three or four glass shops before even starting a project. For over 19 years, stained glass has been a part of my artistic repertoire. Periodically, I have taken lessons from local artists to develop and experience different art forms and to build on my current skills. I grew up in Lunenburg, MA and currently reside with my family in Townsend on property that has been in the family for generations. In addition to stained glass, I enjoy many other avenues of artistic expression. Scratch art, watercolor and photography are just a few.
Stephnaie Gertz

Stephnaie Gertz / Caught in Amber

I am Massachusetts born and raised. At twenty-eight, I moved to Maine where I lived for twenty years and took up the art of stained glass. Now I'm back in Massachusetts. I love New England! The glass work I do shows my love for the organic world of nature. I am inspired by the amazing structure, color, and form of such things as geodes, seaweed, trees, rock formations, and ice patterns. Along with using traditional stained glass, I like to incorporate sea glass, shells, rocks, and other interesting components that I find in my wanderings both inland and along the coast of New England.
Robert Handley

Robert Handley / Blown Glass

Bob is a young, gifted and very skilled glass artist. Bobís passion for glassblowing began at Franklin Pierce University . He then went on to classes at Corning Glass in New York, and then to Abate Zanetti in Murano, Italy where he became inspired by Italian glassblowing techniques. Bobís professional experience included a three-year apprenticeship at Corning, followed by his residence teaching classes in blowing at the Corning Museum of Glass.
"Glass is a demanding material to work with. It requires all of my focus and attention; from the initial gathering of the molten glass, straight through until completion of the piece. Successful glass pieces require a combination of having the proper heat, timing, and movement. It is challenging to try to keep up with the fluidity of the glass, and calming when my movements become complimentary to the glass behavior".
Josh Simpson

Josh Simpson / Glass

While Josh is committed to the vessel form, as expressed in his blown glass vases, bowls and platters, he is continuously pushing that form into new directions. He has become particularly well-known for his planets. When you hold one in your hand, it is easy to imagine yourself orbiting the spectacular landscapes that he has created in the glass. The Boston Globe, in a recent article, referred to Josh and his wife as "A Cosmic Couple". He is married to astronaut Cady Coleman. Josh's glasswork is featured in The White House Collection of American Craft, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and in other museums, worldwide.
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